Our mission is to improve the health and care of babies born with choanal atresia. Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation carries out this mission through programs of research, parent-to- parent outreach programs, education and advocacy on behalf of mothers and babies' touched by choanal atresia.


          Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation was founded in 1987 by James Loomis, whose son was born with bilateral choanal atresia. Mr. Loomis was an Industrial Engineer with a major aerospace company, and brought together a team of doctors and aerospace professionals to address issues regarding stenting. The accomplishments of the team were the design of a stent that will dramatically improve treatment for this birth defect. In the course of developing the nasal stent, Mr. Loomis also saw a need to provide parents with information about choanal atresia. When Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation first launched its web site in 1997, it was the first, and remains the only parental sponsored web site for information and recourses. CCAF is the only non-profit organization that supports and advocates research and community service for infants and parents touched by choanal atresia.


          Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation will act as a catalyst, organizer, and facilitator of efforts that will lead to improved methods of treatment, care, and cure for choanal atresia. The Foundation will accomplish this by gathering existing data and information on research topics exclusive to choanal atresia, provide a centralized source for research documents to expand community knowledge, fund new research, and develop strategies that will ultimately lead to new discoveries and possible cure for choanal atresia.

Community Support

          Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation will provide relevant information in support of parents and families touched by choanal atresia. The Foundation will act as a advocate on behalf of infants, children and parents touched by choanal atresia. Through the Foundations Parent-to-Parent program, provide support and counsel in the treatment and care for choanal atresia.


          Children’s Choanal Atresia Foundation will advocate for and raise awareness about choanal atresia in order that the scientific and medical community, policy makers, educators, care givers, and the general public can more thoroughly know, understand, and be motivated to help the research efforts and individuals dealing with diagnosis, treatment and care for choanal atresia.